About Helen

In 2000, I applied via video to be included in the television show ‘Survivor’. This video shows the ‘me’ before my life was turned up–side-down and changed forever!

In March of 2008, I was injured in a hang-gliding accident.

What doesn’t kill you, only makes you stronger though.

The concept of ‘Neuroplasticity’ was not promoted in 2008, by the medical fraternity. But following my accident, I put effort into researching this concept. I had to do this, in order to understand my own perception of things!

Friends encouraged me to write about my experiences.

Whether you’ve experienced an acquired brain injury such as cerebrovascular accident (stroke), or whether you’ve suffered a traumatic brain injury (like I have), the human brain is capable of neuroplasticity. It is able to re-network itself and people are able to regain both motor and cognitive functions, the degree to which, depends on how much effort they put into working on their recovery.

In writing my book, I have learned the art of survival. It has not been easy; I’ve learned some valuable things and I’ve had to let go of some things which were holding me back. I’ve learned that there’s a vast difference between knowledge, understanding and wisdom.

You can watch a 6 minute video which I had produced on my struggles. I feel that through my own experiences, I have a lot to offer many people in order to inspire and motivate them.

The Phoenix Rising from Steven Lyons on Vimeo