This is my traditionally published book.


My book is an honest account of my life following a hang-gliding accident in March of 2008.

Professor Birbaumer is one of the world’s highest authorities on neuro-plasticity, and he read my unpublished manuscript and offered to write the Foreword. He then sent me a separate endorsement, with which to entice prospective publishers.

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Helen Ross Lee was one of the world‘s most successful woman hang-gliding pilots, winning many competitions before she suffered a hang-gliding accident and sustained brain damage. The accident happened on March 11th, 2008 and Helen received a negative prognosis for survival and cognitive recovery, from the medical personnel, during her acute hospitalization. Over the next ten years, Helen wrote a 19 chapter account of her amazing experiences, revealing the long process of recovery.

The book is an astonishing document of self-determination and self-regulation and will become a model text not only for the many hundreds of thousands brain damaged people in the world and their families but also as a document for the scientific research of brain plasticity and brain recovery. This is despite her receiving an extremely negative prognosis from the neurologist caring for her initially. The text is written in a clear and understandable English and documents a fascinating story of determination and strength. In contrast to many similar documentations in the rehabilitation literature Helen’s book is not only a personal document but embraces intuitively many scientific determinants of brain plasticity through self-regulated learning. It is a fascinating read for scientists and lay persons and of course a moving emotional story which will certainly find many readers worldwide.

Prof. Dr. h.c. mult. Niels Birbaumer
Institute of Medical Psychology and Behavioral Neurobiology, University of Tuebingen, Germany
Wyss Center for Bio and Neuro Engineering, Genèva, Switzerland’

This link will open a page listing Prof Birbaumer’s 72 page dossier.

As Todd Sampson showed in his award winning documentary of 2013 called ‘Redesign my Brain’, by 2013, I had redesigned my brain! Miracle? I don’t think so. Anyone and everyone is capable of this providing they exercise their brains in the right manner.

In mid 2019, my manuscript was solicited by a small American publisher, who was well versed in the scientific principles of neuroplasticity. He was impressed at the detail and accuracy in which my manuscript portrayed traumatic brain injury and recovery.  He felt that ‘This type of high-quality, holistic memoir is quite rare’ and I am pleased to advise, that in early September 2019, I signed a traditional publishing contract, which I have been offered by LH Press Inc. They are only a small American publisher. However, JK Rowlings was published by a small London publisher, after frequent knock-backs. That publisher is no longer small!

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This is the 12th year anniversary of my accident, which so thoroughly impacted on my life. There is certainly an art to survival in this world!